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Bliss Clearing Salts clears negative energy and leaves the wearer feeling calm, content, and joyful.  Bliss helps to relieve racing thoughts, anxiety and quiet the mind using the essential oils from Sage, Frankencense, Patchouli, Sweetgrass and Grapefruit.   This complex, warm scent will bring comfort for hours. Each bag of salt is infused with Reiki healing.

Bliss Clearing Salts

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  • Clearing Salts can be used in many different ways. 

    • Use 1/4-1/2 bag in a bath, filling the tub with hot water.  Allow for several minutes for the salts to dissolve and the oils to blend in the bath water.
    • Spread a handful of salts around the tub during the shower.  As the water splashes, it dissolves the salts and releases the oils benefits.
    • Place a handful of salts in the middle of a washcloth.  Fold the washcloth over the salts, then place on the floor of the tub at your feet.  Allow the water to hit the washcloth and release the oils as the salts dissolve.
    • Using a washcloth or shower puff, put normal amount of shower gel liquid soap onto the cloth or puff, then sprinkle a handful of salts onto the shower gel.  Wash as normal…get the benefits of the clearing salts and an exfoliator at the same time.
    • Sprinkle a line on your doorways and windowsills for protection, blocking negative energy from entering your space.

    The possibilities are endless!

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